Kristina Lomas
Kristina LomasFounder of eco affinity
Kristina Lomas – founder of eco affinity
Photo by Pat Bannon

About Me

Being well-connected and developing strong relationships are pre-requisites to sustainable development. The cultural, community and creative sectors are leaders in laying these foundations for a sustainable future. My ambition is to mirror and increase the vital role played by these sectors. To this end, eco-affinity is in the process of joining with like-minded partners to become part of a strong support network for these sectors.
Over the past 8 years I have worked with over 140 businesses and organisations on minimising cost and resource use, achieving compliance and building internal capacity to drive continuous improvement.

I am an accredited Public Building Energy Assessor and have been a lead resource efficiency advisor for Yorkshire and the North East’s Sustainable Museums programmes over the past five years (2009-2014). I have comprehensive experience of assessing multi-use, listed and contemporary properties to help organisations achieve their core objectives, including enhancement of visitor experience, minimisation of environmental impact and cost savings. Organisations include museums, galleries, theatres and various other venues and attractions.

Recently my work has included supporting various NHS bodies, including Clinical Commissioning Groups and Commissioning Support Units to assist these organisations to engender sustainable development through their activities.

I have been a lead advisor and project team leader on several major regional environmental management system (ISO14001 and BS8555) and resource efficiency projects. These include the CO2Sense ERDF funded Resource Efficiency Voucher (2011-2013) and Environmental Management System (EMS) programmes (2008 – 2011). The EMS programme included provision of EMS coaching, resource efficiency advice and implementation support to over 60 businesses. Over a 9 month period, businesses received coaching on how to effectively develop and integrate an EMS within their own systems and processes, avoiding unnecessary reinvention and red tape.

A core professional objective is to provide an independent assessment of available solutions in order to assure stakeholders that the determination of cost benefit is realistic, impartial and client focused. In support of this I am a certified energy manager (CEM) and a certified energy measurement and verification professional (CMVP) in accordance with the international protocol for energy measurement and verification (IPMVP).

  • Certified Energy Manager (Association of Energy Engineers 2014)
  • Certified Verification and Measurement Professional (IPMVP), (AEE*/EVO, 2012)
  • Certificate in Essentials in Energy Management (Energy Institute, 2012)
  • Professional Trainer Certificate (CIEH accredited, 2009)
  • Public Building Energy Assessor – Display Energy Certificates (ABBE, BRE accredited, 2009)
  • Carbon Footprint Management (IEMA approved, 2008)
  • EMS Internal Auditor Training (IEMA approved, 2007)
  • Masters in Sustainable Business (University of Leeds, 2006)

* Association of Energy Engineers

Sustainability is essential to the well being of people and the organisations we form. My approach to working with organisations is to develop a clear understanding of their goals, drivers and barriers and to focus on developing a good working relationship in a limited time frame. These foundations are essential to gaining deep insight into the unique culture, systems and processes that every business has and providing effective support.

I work with people to assess resource and energy efficiency opportunities in relation to their built environment, operations and everyday practices. I believe that consultancy support in itself does not promote sustainable development unless the value added remains beyond the time frame of the support provided. Therefore my approach is to assist people to identify where sustainability can help them to achieve their goals and to facilitate action through supporting planning, implementation and embedding of the solution. To support this process I provide technical expertise on a range of resource efficiency solutions and have substantial experience of assisting people to improve and introduce new processes and practices within an organisational setting.

Time with friends and family, time in the great outdoors (and the great indoors) and getting creative in the kitchen. History and the arts too!