About eco affinity

Eco Affinity is a not-for-profit sustainability consultancy based near Leeds.

Our mission is to assist the cultural, creative and community sectors to become more sustainable by working together to strengthen the interconnectedness between people, resources and the environment.

We believe these sectors provide the foundation, inspiration and model for a sustainable society through generating creativity, connection and cohesion.  These attributes are not only vital to achieving sustainable development, but they are essential to overcoming the challenges ahead, together.

Our work includes identifying energy efficiency opportunities and resource management solutions that will strengthen and support delivery of your core objectives.


Founding Principles

In our interconnected world well-being and resilience depend upon maintaining, strengthening and increasing connections within and between living systems. At eco-affinity we believe in working collaboratively as part of an effective support network in order to assist organisations to strengthen, grow and connect.
Equality is not only a basic human right but it is also a key foundation to sustainable living. NASA funded research investigated the ‘human nature dynamics’ of past collapses of previous sophisticated civilisations over the past 5000 years. Two social features of these collapses emerged – “the stretching of resources due to the strain placed on ecological carrying capacity” and “the economic stratification of society into elites and masses (“or commoners”). Source: Guardian
Integration is vital to the healthy functioning of business systems and life systems, people and communities. Integration is at the heart of what we do, ensuring your activities are coherent and efficient.
We believe growth is important, however we are referring to the growth of knowledge and understanding of how we sustain and create well being for all life. We see growth as the ripples of influence each person creates, in organisations and communities, which lead to a more sustainable way of being.
We regularly invest in professional development and technical competence to ensure our support and advice remains current, robust and impartial (we do not take sales commissions). We focus on helping you to achieve your objectives in the most sustainable way and continually work to minimise our own impact on the environment.
Our income is invested in developing and delivering our services to maximise the value we provide to our customers and partners. In support of this, we do not operate to make a financial profit and we do not pay bonuses or dividends.