Our areas of expertise

Experience tells us that there is simply no such thing as a ‘technical fix’ – people are integral to ‘getting it right and keeping it right’. People are at the centre of everything we do, from understanding your motivations and core objectives to co-creating and delivering solutions that instil confidence and ownership. We work with your people in a variety of ways to gain input and feedback on opportunities before they are submitted as recommendations.  Our expertise includes delivering training sessions and workshops on various aspects of environmental management and wider areas of sustainability.

Our technical areas of expertise include energy and resource management for which we carry various credentials from the Association of Energy Engineers (see biography). Having worked with over 140 organisations on energy and resource efficiency, our experience spans a wide range of sectors. Over the past six years we have developed significant experience in undertaking energy and resource assessments for organisations in historic buildings, particularly within the museums sector and cultural, creative and community sectors. This support has formed part of organisational redevelopment planning processes and sustainable development support programmes. We have a deep understanding of the operational requirements and constraints commonly faced by these sectors.

All organisations and buildings operate through a unique web of systems and processes. We understand that your systems have not developed in a vacuum and must be understood within the context in which you operate.  We bring years of experience in systems development and integration to every improvement opportunity. This means we assess the impact of every opportunity across the whole system, to ensure it strengthens and improves the whole, not just the component/s subject to change. Our expertise includes developing and integrating environmental management practices into systems and processes, in accordance with ISO 14001, BS 8555 or to bespoke requirements.

We are passionate about delivering improvement opportunities that are in harmony with your people and systems and strengthen delivery of your core objectives.


We develop service packages to meet your needs, therefore each offer is unique. We have provided a summary of each service area under key words in the adjacent section. Please bear in mind that we may integrate a number of services into one offer, depending on your requirements. If you would like to know more please get in touch using the contact form on this web-site and we will call you back.

Why Choose Us

  • Our blend of technical and organisational expertise takes you further
  • We find the strongest solutions through whole systems thinking
  • We are independent and do not take commissions
  • We have deep expertise in the cultural, creative and community sectors
  • We are committed to meeting your objectives
  • We are not seeking a financial profit from the work we do

What Client’s Say

Kristina provided a high quality of service. Our site is challenging in that it includes historic buildings and Kristina provided practical suggestions and solutions to some of the issues we face. The report was extremely detailed and the level of detail and information on payback periods was very useful when presenting the case for change. The work we have carried out will reduce our carbon footprint and provide long term savings in relation to our revenue costs.